Shakes, Smoothies and Juices

I love breakfasts, they are my favorite meal of the day and I’m always in search for something new for breakfast, something liquid, flavory and light. This is the the perfect breakfast for me, I know it’s said that this should be the biggest meal of the day…but for me it doesn’t work that way, I’m used now to listen to my body’s choices and something light, hydrating and with lots of vitamins would be my first choice. One perfect way of making such a meal would be shakes, smoothies or the simple juices…it all depends on how consistent you like it to be. They are known to reduce blood pressure, smooth your blood and to overall hydrate your body and supply it with the needed vitamins and minerals. If you are on a diet you can make a simple juice with water. Just add some fruits in the blender, eg my choice: an orange, half of banana, an apple and a grapefruit and a little bit of ginger all peeled(except the apple) and 0.5 l of water(add just a cup for the start then add the rest after the fruits are smashed). I usually add a tablespoon of honey also, but it all depends on how sweet the fruits already are and how many calories you want to consume. You can afterwords filter all this through a strainer with big holes but I choose to eat all the fruit including the seeds cause the blender mixes them well enough and I’ve heard that smashed seeds are very healthy(especially from the grapes) and they are not bad.

You can eat the juice with your favorite cereals instead of milk. Here is a great combination I’ve made: apple juice(I’ve made this with the juice extractor but it can take a lot of time you can also make it in the blender), a bit of grated apple, banana, kiwi, some hazelnuts, some walnuts, some raisins, dried plums, cornflakes and cinnamon.

There are times when I want something more consistent like a smoothie or a shake. Here is one way of doing them: Mix in the blender one cup of strawberries or any kind of berries(they can be frozen), half a banana, an apple, an orange, 4 dried plums(you can put other dried fruits like raisins, I take plums cause I find them at the local market and I think they don’t have preservatives and are also very yummy and they are not so sweet like the figs or dates, but as I said you can put any dried fruit you like), a tablespoon of honey, 1-2 cups of milk and water. You can add as much milk or water as how liquid you want to make it, also the fruits are up to you this is just one mixture that I’ve tried and was really yummy. Usually I eat this with cornflakes and what is left I drink it instead of water…cause I don’t really like drinking plain water, I know it’s said to be very important but I like to drink it with at least a bit of lemon in it, I think that for some people like me that don’t eat that much and if you eat low quantities of salt and you are not really sweating that much and over all these it’s winter I don’t think your body really requires lots of plain water, I mean I think it’s about the electrolytes balance in your blood, your body knows when there are too many of them or to little and if you drink too much plain water and eat small unsalty meals the levels might turn too low for your body and that’s not good either that is why I choose this juices cause they hydrate you but kind of give you some healthy nutrients also. I’m not a doctor..just what I consider that works for me. So here is the delicious smoothie with cereals. Now this is a kind of a mixture between smoothie and milkshake cause smoothies are usually supposed to contain fruits and water and milkshakes are made with milk, mine has all of those…it doesn’t matter as long as it’s good 🙂