Sitges – Barcelona, Spain

Sitges – Barcelona, Spain

I’m so glad I discovered this little town, near Barcelona, called Sitges. We visited Barcelona before and this time we wanted to try something different, but still close to it. This is how we found Sitges. I’m not sure if we were just lucky, but Sitges was absolutely amazing, although the weather was really bad for the entire trip.

First thing we stopped to make some shopping at the grocery, for some local food, even if most of the time we had our meals at cafes and restaurants, as usual we also liked to look around and try several grocery local products. Fruits, chocolate, wine, some kind of delicious fish paste, and a very delicious ham, although we don’t usually eat ham and I’m not even sure why we bought it in the first place, it was really really good. Actually, almost everything we ate in Spain, be it: restaurants, cafes or grocery store products, all were delicious. I think there are countries which simply have a culture for food and the standards for food there are so high that most of what you’ll find, will be quality food and same goes for Spain. So we were really lucky, since we enjoy good food!

We arrived a day before MWC so we had this for leisure. We left our luggage, wondered at the amazing view from our balcony and left for a walk on the beach.

An amazing deserted beach, considering it was still cold weather in March.

Obviously, we didn’t stop here, so we just walked around this beautiful town with so many great views. We just couldn’t stop taking pictures, everything was so lovely around!

The waves were so strong and stunning, every time we walked by this place, during our stay in Sitges, we literally spent time just watching nature’s amazing show.

We stopped at Torrons Vicens chocolate store, where we bought so many interesting varieties of chocolate, which we’ve never tried before. We also spotted Catering Simpatic, a brasserie where we used to have our breakfast for our stay in Sitges.

After a long walk through the town, we started looking around for restaurants with fresh seafood . This is how we found: Restaurante Pescadito – a very simple looking place with lots of absolutely delicious fresh seafood meals. Even though this place looks so simple, I can say this was one of the best seafood we’ve ever tried!

I admit I felt so lucky to wake up by the sound and view of waves..

We didn’t have time to go for breakfast since it took as some time to get ready and it was the first day of MWC and we tried to get there as early as possible. But we didn’t mind to try all the food we’ve bought from grocery store a day before!

This was the most photographed sight from this trip, obviously why..I just couldn’t get enough of it, so please don’t mind if there will be: “this background”, “this backgorund” + me standing, “this backgorund” + me drinking wine, “this backgorund” + me + radu and so on..and since we captured this every single morning, I had to share..

An amazing deserted beach, viewed from the train on our way to Barcelona. The trip lasted about 45 min, but we didn’t mind, the views were fascinating by the shore.

First day at MWC

Radu presenting his product at Innovation World Cup at MWC

Visiting Barcelona by night, before leaving to Sitges

Another morning in Sitges and my favourite view..

And the shooting for our blogs.. both for me and for Radu with his product.

This time, we saved some time for an absolutely delicious breakfast at Catering Simpatic. Since they had so many good looking sandwiches and pastry products we ate a little too much, but we didn’t regret since these were so good and they kept as full for the entire day!

Another day at MWC

While we had our dinner at Restaurante Pescadito again, I had a very strange feeling, as if I couldn’t breath. Radu thought it was anxiety, I knew it was something different, like some kind of allergy, I didn’t know for sure, all I knew was that it was not anxiety. It was a very bad feeling and I can’t believe we had a fight over this. We stopped again to watch the waves, although the rain started pouring in Sitges! They were really big this time! So calming and amazing! I was not in the mood for photos, so I didn’t capture the waves..

Getting ready for another day in Sitges.

The sun started showing a little and since this was the last day at MWC, we had a little more time for leisure. We just took some time to stroll through Sitges and take photos before having breakfast

Obviously, you can tell we absolutely enjoyed the food at Catering Simpatic so we had to have our breakfast again, here. Mmm I still have in mind the crunchy tuna sandwiches..

The last day at MWC.

We didn’t stay too long at MWC, so we had some time to visit Barcelona again. I was really looking forward especially for Park Guell, which I didn’t get to see the last time we visited Barcelona.

Ahh such a bad light for my photos..but Park Guell was really nice and so many delightful singing birds. Although very touristic place, hard to take a picture with you alone.

Barcelona by night

And Sitges by night. I absolutely enjoyed the evenings we spent in Sitges in this small and cute apartment. I have such a good feeling even remembering that place in that specific moment of the day, pure dopamine…Life’s all about experiences!

And the weather changes, just before leaving this amazing place that looks even more amazing in the sun’s light. Don’t you think?

Heading to the airport and leaving this place behind, I guess forever.