Dress – YesFor(click here)
Booties – UNIF(click here)
Cardigan, accessories – H&M
Hat – Stradivarius
Bag – Musette

I’ve prepared this outfit for a few days now, but I was really busy with work and celebrations. I’m not used to wearing cleavage, and for some reason it’s not even fashionable, and it’s not fair!! This time I said I’d try something new and I really loved it. So I think I might be getting some more tops and dresses with cleavage in the near future, who knows maybe for Holidays, as I didn’t even get the chance to choose my outfits for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Since my belly is getting bigger and bigger every day, I need to emphasis something else than the waist, so this dress from YesFor came at my door at the right time for me! This outfit has some really cute spider details, like the ripped cardigan and the accessories. I wouldn’t say this style is one of my favourite but I like to try out new things and the hat from Stradivarius is something I really felt in love with. I always thought hats don’t look good on me, but I know now that most of the times the hat was the faulty one, not me! These days I’ll be looking for presents and outfits for the holidays, visiting and eating from Christmas fairs all kinds of winter dishes and most important I need to find something fun for New Year’s Eve party – which is not something easy at all, at least somewhere close to my city: restaurants with tons of dishes to serve all night long don’t sound too appealing to me, fun parties are really hard to find, winter is not my favourite season for going to the mountains so I’m visioning once again the perfect New Year’s Eve party..keywords: gorgeous gown, classy party, Vienna or Paris. I wonder does this even still exist? Am I dreaming other times?