Strawberries with coconut pudding and granola


Girls, I hope you’ve tried out my previous recipe of Strawberry and banana cheese cream torte recipe, ’cause here I come again with a brand new delicious and simple one: Strawberries with coconut pudding and granola. Strawberries and coconut match just perfect together! It’s still strawberries time, so don’t miss this one!

Coconut pudding:
• 14 oz or 400ml of coconut milk
• 2 tbs flour(I used whole grain)
• 1 tbs sugar

Strawberries puree:
• mashed strawberries
• sugar

Coconut granola:
• 4 tbs fine oatmeal flakes
• 2 tbs whole wheat flour
• 4 tbs coconut flakes
• 2-3 tbs virgin oil(I used virgin sunflower oil)
• 2-3 tbs honey or maple syrup
• 6 tbs roughly grated walnuts
• vanilla essence
• 5 strawberries sliced

These quantities are approximate, that’s because I didn’t measure them 😛 but in the end you have to be able to form some crumbles, nothing too defined, just some crumbles approximate of a cherry size. Mix all ingredients, if it doesn’t stick together add more oil or strawberries or maple syrup, and if it’s to liquid add some of the dry ingredients. Put it on a tray covered with backing paper. Set to the oven at 356 F or 180 C for aprox 10 minutes, mix once in a while and be careful as it can burn very easily.
For the coconut pudding, mix the flour with a little coconut milk. Heat the rest of the milk, pour the flour mixture and cook until it becomes pudding like 🙂

Make layers in a cup starting with the coconut pudding, strawberries sauce and granola crumbles on top.

Kisses my dear girls!