Strawberry torte


As promised dears, here comes my first fresh, simple strawberry cake from this year. As I usually do in June, when it’s strawberry’s and cherry’s time, I’ve made some delicious recipes with the strawberries from my garden. I always like to try out new sweets, so I did this time, but after making 4 deserts in a raw, I ended up only tasting the last 2. In the end It’s always the simple things that I stick to, eating only the simple strawberries, or strawberries with chocolate and pistachio(OMG this is next on my list when I’ll crave for something sweet..that ain’t gonna be any time soon as I see it now). Heavy creams will go out of my recipes from now on, that’s for sure! I rarely used it for my cakes, but this time I thought that the 2 packs of cheese cream will not be enough cream for the cake, so this is why I’ve added the heavy cream also, but you can leave it out because it’s not healthy at all and not really tasty.
My recipe is made up of vanilla cake, cheese cream and slices of strawberries and bananas.
The vanilla cake:
• 3 eggs
• 3 tbs flour
• 3 tbs sugar
• 1 tsp backing powder
• vanilla essence
• a pinch of salt

Cheese cream:
• 7 oz or 200g of soft, creamy cheese cream(I usually use Almette or Philadelphia)
• sugar(as much as you like)
• vanilla essence
• heavy cream 150g…and only if you like it, I regret I’ve used it. So if you find the cream to thick you can use a little yoghurt instead to soften it.

Additional ingredients:
• 12 oz or 400g fresh strawberries
• one banana

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until thick, add the 3 tbs of sugar, beat once more to incorporate, add the egg yolks and vanilla essence and mix to include these also. Add the 3 tbs of flour and the backing powder and incorporate by folding gently(carefully not to damage the beaten eggs consistency) into the rest of mixture. Use a rectangle shape to cook the batter. Place a backing paper on the tray, then pour the batter. Place in the oven at 356 F (180 C) for 20-25 min. When done, roll it when it’s still hot, together with the backing paper and let it cool this way.
Meanwhile make the cheese cream. Mix the soft cheese cream with the sugar and the vanilla essence, until fluffy. Incorporate the beaten heavy cream or a little yoghurt.
Add slices of strawberries and bananas.
When the batter has cooled, unroll it carefully and spread the cream all over. Re-roll it with the cream, then roll it in the backing paper and keep it in the fridge like this for at least 1.30h. After it has cooled sprinkle with confectioners sugar then cut slices from the roll and serve! Fresh, delicious and creamy bites!