Strudli – a svab recipe made by a svab neighbour Mrs Fazekas :)

-1/2 kg flour(sometimes I use whole grain flour)
-two tablespoons fat(lard or butter)
-3 beaten eggs
-1 cup of yoghurt or cream

Mix the flour with the butter(rub it in the hands). Add salt, then the beaten eggs and yoghurt, little at a time. Let the dough rest for 1h.

You can make different fillings: potatoes, pumpkin, poppy, nuts, cheese(sweet or sour), actually any filling you prefer. My favorites are potatoes and pumpkin :). I usually make more than 1 filling so I make smaller quantities of each.
Filling with potatoes:
-1 kg simple mashed potatoes(without adding anything else)
-1 egg yolk
Filling with pumpkin:
-1 kg mashed pumpkin
-1 egg yolk
Filling with cheese:
-vanilla essence
-1 egg yolk

Divide in 3 different parts and spread each dough part until it’s a very fin square layer. On half of the layer add filling then wrap it with the other half without filling. The potato and pumpkin fillings should be spread on the whole 1/2 surface(like in the image), but the jam or cheese should be added in groups to avoid it running out. Press the dough with the hands(like in the image), where you will cut it afterwards. Cut the strudli pieces and fry them in hot oil on both sides. When frying on the first side, splash it from time to time with a tablespoon with some of the hot oil from the pan on the other side. When they are golden on both sides(mine look brown because I’ve made them with whole wheat, but they should be golden otherwise), strudli are done. This is traditional svab recipe and it came out sooo delicious with the help of one of our svab neighbours Mrs Fazekas 🙂