Sweet as candy

06_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

Hey guys! Long time, no talk! I’ve been very busy, but still I’ve prepared some outfits I wore these days, for you guys also. While walking in a lovely evening of one of these days, we set down to take a short break near the river. It was not very comfortable on the concrete, so my husband asked me to pull out the blanket from a bag, he brought so we could sit on it. Surprise! There was no blanket, guys! but a fluffy, wavy, peachy skirt, sweet as candy! A present for me from my endless wishlist items. How sweet is that?! The concrete was really tough but the moments spent wearing this precious skirt were priceless. And I wasn’t the only one to love it, some of the people were stopping by just to have a glimpse of this beauty. I wore my high heels, but exchanged with flats for the concert.

I wore:
Skirt – Chicwish
Shirt, accessories – Stradivarius
Cardigan – Pull and bear
Heels – Steve Madden
Bag, belt – Christellen B., Musette

See you guys soon with the first giveaway on my blog! You’ll love it, so stay tuned!



02_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

03_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

04_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

05_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

07_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

08_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

09_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

10_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

11_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

12_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

13_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

14_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

15_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

16_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag

17_peach_skirt_pink_steve_madden_heels_christellen b._bag