The Christmas market from Budapest


I’ve visited Budapest many times, but I’ve never had the change to see this town around the Christmas holidays. For this trip I had only one place in mind besides the Christmas fair, a shopping Mall – the biggest of them all – The WestEnd. We rushed, as usual, and with only 2 gps coordinates we headed to Budapest. Not only the Mall’s coordinates were wrong, but nobody heard about this Mall around the city, rarely 2 things go wrong at once but this time I had to face the fact that no shopping was to happen for that day. Now we had extra hours to enjoy the city, after some time visiting the markets in the cold weather, the hot meals looked very appealing. When it comes to food we are very picky so we stayed in line several times, not knowing what to choose, what looked healthy was too simple, what looked delicious was full of fats. Finally we’ve made the worst choice, one distasteful hot potato scone oozing of oil..always making the worst decisions when it comes to food and I’m really hungry. There are several markets in the town, but this one was the biggest. What I liked about it was that all of the clothing and decoration items, even though of the same type, were so different from what we had in Timisoara and such a large variety to choose from. The handmade leather bags and the woolen waistcoats were my favorite pieces from the market, even if I couldn’t decide on purchasing anything, I’ve set my eyes on some of the best for the next time I’ll get there.














The Szechenyi chain bridge with the large lion statues, was close to the market, so we had our last walk, admiring the charming views over the city and Danube River. Every time I visit Budapest, I choose different places to stopover. A visit to the thermal baths has long been planned, but as I couldn’t get over their strict rules(separate pools for men and women 🙁 ), I couldn’t decide on a specific one, yet. I hope we’ll be able to find a convenient one, the next time we visit Budapest. I’ve already decorated my Christmas tree and packed and arranged all the presents nicely under it. One of my presents, sounds like sand when turning it over, I’m so anxious to see what’s hiding in there! I always love surprisingly surprises! I can’t waste any more time from the precious Christmas fun, making cookies and being together with the loved ones, so I have to leave you entirely for the holidays because good things don’t last forever… Lots of kisses, my dears, and I really hope you are as lucky and happy as I am at this very moment.