The floating island

Hey, guys! It’s such an ugly day today. What do you say about something sweet and delicious. I don’t know about the place where you live, but here in Romania, we name this dessert “Bird’s Milk”..I know this might sound very funny, it did so to me when I was little, then I really though it’s the milk from the birds haha, but I loved it so much. You may call it floating island but for me it’s still the bird’s milk, so here is my way of doing a little healthier, with fewer eggs, and a creamier “Bird’s Milk”.

• 2 l milk
• a vanilla pudding mix
• 5 eggs
• 3 tbs powdered sugar for the egg whites
• 3 tbs powdered sugar to mix with the egg yolks
• 3 tbs powdered sugar for the vanilla pudding mix
• 3 tbs raisins
• vanilla core or vanilla essence

Boil 1.5l milk in a pot. Let the rest of 0.5l milk for the egg yolks and puddings mix.
Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Add the 3 tbs of powdered sugar and mix to incorporate.
Add the egg whites foam with a table spoon in the boiled milk. Make one layer of islands, don’t add it overlapped, let the milk boil for 5 sec, then turn the islands on the other side for another 5 sec. Get the islands out from the milk with a slotted spoon. Turn off the fire.
Mix the egg yolks with the 3 tbs of sugar, then add 250ml milk. Add some hot milk from the pot, mix a little more.
Mix the vanilla pudding mix with the 3 tbs sugar and the rest of 250ml milk.
Poor the egg yolks composition and the pudding mix, both in the boiled milk.
Add the raisins too.
Turn on the fire and let it boil, mixing at the same time, until you have a creamy consistency.
Add vanilla and mix, then the egg whites islands… and you have the bird’s milk. Thadaaam! Creamy and delicious!