The magic twos – unicorn theme party

Unicorn theme party

NIghtcore The Last Unicorn

This was a double celebrating party for Julieta’s second anniversary and Rosa’s name celebration on Palm Sunday which is Flower’s Day in my country, when people with flower-related names are celebrated. Horses and unicorns are Julieta’s favourite toys so I choose unicorns as a theme for their party. I wanted to bring the unicorn to her party. I thought Juli would be amazed, but we visited him to the lake, where he lives, instead, since he can’t leave the farm. I absolutely loved this place, with an amazing path by the lake, shadowed by willows on sunset. Juli was not very happy about all the princess and unicorn stuff, she kept screaming: “No princess! No unicorns!! Headband No!”. I was lucky to have brought some magnolia flowers in a basket, this way I managed to distract her for a couple of photos.

I prepared her candy bar myself, with cookies and biscuits in shape of unicorns and twos and some very delicious peanut butter and walnut unicorn candies on sticks, strawberry puddings and milkshakes. I’ve also made some candies and biscuits in jars, which she loved to eat several days after the party. I also usually prefer to make the cake myself, but I failed several times with the decoration, so I gave up this time. We ordered this unicorn decorated cake for Juli, unfortunately we had it only for decoration, since no one liked it. Instead, Rosa’s chocolate cake was delicious.

I had a lot of work preparing the decoration, cooking and making flower arrangements, so Radu helped me with painting some small golden unicorns for the jars decoration, a wood unicorn painting and a panel presenting essential things about her: height, weight, favourite foods, toys, activities, songs, words etc.

I expected she’d be more enchanted by all the unicorns around her, but it was not the case! I think my hard work has payed off only by the memories residing in some photos for a really beautiful, fairytale -like family album.

For Juli’s and Rosa’s party I wore this candy pink striped shirt, a silky fuchsia skirt with fluffy, feather slippers. For my makeup I had a light pink eyeshadow and fuchsia lipstick. Everything on pink. I wore my hair pinned up for the first part of the day but eventually I unfolded my curls for the evening. I usually make this trick for an all day party, to fix my curls, but I also love to wear the hair pinned up as a hairstyle by it self, as well.