Traditional pie with greens and cheese


We usually eat these kind of pies when we visit our parents. For some time now, we’ve somehow changed the recipe a bit to make them a little healthier. I’m gonna show both recipes so you can choose how you like to have them.

We usually make large quantities, for like 13 pies. So, for this quantity, you would need..

For the dough

• 7 cups(1 kg) white flour(I’ve tried making it with whole flour but it’s no very good..)
• 1 tsp salt
fresh yeast of the size of 3 nuts
• lukewarm water
• 3 tbs oil

For the filling you need some fresh greens like:
• spinach
• dill
• parsley leaves
• green onion
• orache or french spinach
• or you can even add green salad
• salt

• and cheese(I used 1% fat cheese or sometimes I make the pies without any cheese at all)


Extra ingredients for the non-diet pies:
• oil for frying

In a large bowl add the flour and salt. Make a hollow in the middle and add the yeast, then pour the lukewarm water over it and let it dissolve a few minutes. Add the oil then knead the dough with the hands until it comes off the bowl’s walls or knead the dough with a food processor. Let the dough rise for 40 minutes.

Non-diet pies

For the non-diet pies, spread apple sized pieces of dough with a roller then add 1-2 tbs of filling inside. Gather the sides of the dough and stretch it some more, until you get something like a finger sized thickness. This is the way we’ve made the round pies that we’ve cooked in hot oil on both sides.



Diet pies

The diet pies were cooked in the oven, without oil, on a baking paper. Because the dough used too be a little too thick, and too dry, without the oil, we had too make them a little different. We’ve stretched them really well, then we’ve added the filling only on one half of the round pie and folded the other side over the filling, making half-moon shaped pies with very thin layer of dough.




Both pies are very good! We served them with 1% fat yoghurt, making this meal appropriate for a diet.