Walking on Cinderella’s footsteps in Neuschwanstein Castle :)


There are three reasons I wrote this post today. First my blog has been upgraded, you can now view more about my articles on the main page, including photos and the number of views(starting from today, of course) and you can now share and like my articles more easily with the embedded buttons. The second reason is that my hyacinth pink flower is blooming, spreading a divine smell in my room, this makes me feel like spring is coming, and spring is my favorite season and so are perfumed flowers.

Every year, for some time now,I buy a hyacinth flower, but this year I started collecting them all over again, because for some reason I lost all of them, so yesterday I bought 6 more hyacinths :D. The third and most important reason is that for like 2 years ago, at this time of the year I started dreaming about castles…and this way I ended up searching pictures and tops of the most beautiful castles in the world, this is how I found Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. This castle even inspired Walt Disney for creating Cinderella‘s dream castle, and it’s the reason we starting our second tour through Europe in June. Neuschwanstein Castle is situated in Bavaria region in Germany close to it’s borders with Austria. The castle is indeed beautiful, but I have to say it’s too touristy for me! I can’t expect it be otherwise, as everyone loves nice places! There is another castle near Neuschwanstein: the least known but also beautiful: the Hohenschwangau Castle. Near Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau you can visit the Forgensee Lake, a calming place surrounded by Alps! You can also see the castles from the lake but you will have the best view over Neuschwanstein from Mary’s Bridge, so don’t miss it!…aah and a short note: Don’t be one of those tourist that stops at the beginning of the bridge, where the crowd is, to take pictures.. the view is the same everywhere on the bridge, including the end!
The view from the Mary’s Bridge at the Neuschwanstein Castle
13_hohenschwangau castle_bavaria_germany14_hohenschwangau castle_bavaria_germany15_hohenschwangau castle_bavaria_germany16_hohenschwangau castle_bavaria_germany17_hohenschwangau castle_bavaria_germany18_view_from_hohenschwangau castle_bavaria_germany19_view_from_hohenschwangau castle_bavaria_germany20_hohenschwangau castle_bavaria_germany21_hohenschwangau castle_bavaria_germany09_forggensee_lake_bavaria_germany10_forggensee_lake_bavaria_germany11_forggensee_lake_bavaria_germany12_forggensee_lake_bavaria_germany32_forggensse_lake_bavaria_germany
Feeding the ducks at Forggensee Lake
Fussen the nearest town to the Castles has some nice places also, like this Church of the Holy Ghost
Now back in time, before arriving to Bavaria, there were some places worth mentioning like the Kufstein town from Austria with it’s picturesque sites near the Inn River and the fortress, with it’s wall paintings and old style decoration objects, that makes you feel like you are getting back in time and also the lovely cats, that people there seam to adore, creating all king of souvenir resembling cats, like keyholders, mini-statues, paintings, etc!
On road somewhere between Austria and Germany