Wearing jeans in Cluj

We’ve made this trip sometime in May and there have been so many things going on that I just kept on gathering content for my posts but I just didn’t have enough time to post anything. I’ve also made a vlog with our trip to Cluj, this is actually the first one and I had a lot of fun putting everything together, but it also took a lot of time to get used to video editing. I have in mind a lot of “real”- “get ready with me” type of videos, more professional at the same time, this one was more experimental for me and unfortunately I didn’t even have the chance to film it properly.
For my outfit, I choose this dress from Zara and I decided to wear it with a matching jeans shirt and all of the sudden I saw my husband behind me in the mirror wearing the exact same shade of jeans on his shirt. I really thought it was so cute. I also like the match of blue jeans with this brocade bag from Zara and Radu’s brown leather belt.
I love this shade of lipstick, it’s actually a combination of 3 different shades, everything turned in matte. If you guys, want to see how I made the makeup for this look then go ahead and watch the vlog I’ve just posted on youtube.
It had been really chilly that morning, so I decided to dress accordingly but the Botanical Garden’s greenhouses were real sauna for me!