Whole grain cookies with walnuts and dried fruits


Do you know what I miss most, since I’m on diet? Well yeahh…lots of things, but let’s say most of the times I imagine a juicy, creamy chocolate cake, or these delicious, crunchy, spicy and healthy biscuits! My husband helped me out with the making of these cookies, some time ago, just a day before leaving to Lefkada trip. We used to have them, there, at the breakfast, with some local honey and goat milk – sweet memories…


I like it how they can be preserved for a long time, or you even have the option to set a part of the dough in the freezer for another time. It’s not that important to stick to a certain ingredients, you can make them in many ways. But I used to make them like this:

• 6 tablespoons(120g) butter
• 4 cups whole grain flour
• 1 cup oatmeal flakes
• 4-5 tbs honey(maple syrup or other sweetener)
• 2 cups walnuts
• 2 tbs raisins or other dried fruits
• 2 tsp cinnamon
• 2 tbs flax seeds
• 1/3 tsp cloves
• vanilla extract
• 3 tsp baking powder
• a pinch of salt
• add as much milk as needed, somewhere near 1/2 cups milk

You can stop here, but I also add, some of the following:
• other dried fruits, like berries or sour cherries
• poppy seeds
• sesame
• wheat germs
• wheat bran


You just make the dough by mixing all these with your hands. Then make small balls and press them with the hands.






Set to the oven on a baking paper for about 15-17 min at 180 C(356 F). At the middle of the time, after 7 min or so, flip them on the other side, carefully, as they are very soft!

Bon appetit and sweet kisses my dears!