Wind, crochet and fringes

February 16, 2013 in Fashion


Hello my dear readers! I’ve posted this yesterday in hurry before going to the gym and I thought I was going to tell you a few words about my look the next day(now). I had bought this crochet top with fringes some days ago from Pull and bear. I thought then, it would look good with summer outfits, but I was anxious to wear it, so I matched it somehow with the winter cloths, and this is what it came out. I also have a tail I wear very often haha, if you see someone in Timisoara with a long tail, that’s me! No one has such a long tail in town, I’m not kidding 2 of my friends recognized me by the tail from far away haha! I have to tell you it’s such an advantage to wear tails attached to your bag if you love animals, all of them are going to go crazy over the tail. I think you noticed me wearing this boots quite a lot. First I like them a lot, they match with many of my outfits and second I have a very very small foot 😛 just like Cinderella haha, no one has my shoe size, it’s not only that is short but it’s also very thin, this is why if I get my hands on a pair of shoes I love I got to wear them a lot. I so much hate this thing! I’m crying every time I go out of a shoe store and see a pair of lovely shoes! Girls you don’t know how lucky you are you have a normal size! Now I’m searching for stilettos, and believe it or not, I’ve never had a stiletto in my life, because of the same reason. So if you happen to know an online store with nice shoes and small numbers let me know.

Lace top – Pull and bear
Crochet top – Pull and bear
Knit – Motivi
Pants – Zara