Meda in the Garden of Eden


Enya – (2000) A Day Without Rain – 06 Flora’s Secret

Skirt – Zara
Bralette, accessories – Aliexpress
Flower crown – self made

I really wanted to show you, guys, my gorgeous peach tree from which I harvest a peach each morning. It’s not just the peach tree that really has some of the most delicious peaches, but it’s also the part of the garden where the tree is planted. Every time I walk near this place in my parent’s garden, it makes me feel like I’m in the Garden of Eden. These days have been especially gloomy, but it’s still pretty hot and I just loved this combination of cloudy and warm heather. Julieta is also very enchanted about this place, where she likes to play in her swing!
Recently I’ve been very busy planning and designing my new house which I can’t wait to share with you! It will be fabulous, just how I’ve always dreamed. I know this will be a long and hard process but I really love doing this. What I like is to pick ideas from different sources. These days I’ve been watching The Great Gatsby, and if you had seen it already I’m sure you couldn’t miss dreaming and admiring the scene where Daisy is paralysed with happiness, sitting on the sofa, in her amazing living room with glamorous chandeliers and lots of big windows and white curtains floating in the air. This is exactly how I’ve always dreamed my living room would look like, just I think that mine will be entirely white! Ah such a beautiful dream! Of course, I can’t help hoping that some day I’ll have it all somewhere in New York.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 14.36.31

As for my outfit, I have to say I have a hard time choosing clothes, since I usually love to accentuate my waist, which now is completely gone with my new pregnancy. Besides from that my new belly doesn’t look as rounded and beautiful as the one I had with Juli, since I have some extra fat from my previous pregnancy which I can’t wait to loose after giving birth this time. In my pregnancy with Juli, everyone was telling me that I have such a beautiful round belly and I honestly didn’t understand why they liked it so much? I thought what’s the big deal? Isn’t it something common? Now I know that only a fatless belly can look rounded. I didn’t work so hard on it after my pregnancy with Juli since I knew I’ll go throw all this process again soon and it just didn’t make sense to work so hard for such a short period of time and because, of course, I really love chocolate, a little bit too much haha. I’m also in love with crochet clothing and this bralette is so light and beautiful for summer days. I’ve already purchased a crochet bathing suite on white and I plan to have some other items on black as well. Flower crowns are a beautiful way to make your entire outfit stand out, it completely changes everything and I just love to combine natural flower crowns with chunky silver jewellery and crochet, like in this outfit. There’s something irresistible about this match for me.


For my makeup I wanted something simple but not common at the same time. There are different interesting makeup looks you can achieve with a simple white kohl. This time I’ve opted for a frame around the eyes with a wing and light, rose, mate lips. It’s definitely not something you can wear easily and on my eyes it doesn’t even look good without a wing, but of course, you can adapt it to your own facial features.