Festival Tibetan inspired look

Festival Tibetan inspired look

Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

Dress – Zara
Accessories – Aliexpress

I think I’ve ordered these Tibetan accessories(among many others) on Aliexpress, in Spring, and it took so much time to arrive that I was sure I’ll never get them. I was so upset, not for the money I’ve spent on them, but that I’ve wasted so much time choosing them and making my plans and relying on these items! One day, when I returned in Timisoara from a trip, was the last day I accepted to find my letter box empty! I felt so deceived, that I’ve decided to leave a negative feedback for every and each seller I supposed was fooling me. Finally some of the jewellery did arrive, for others I still have to wait, but I was happy I’ve managed to use them in this Tibetan inspired look.

I just love Tibetan accessories and I think combining them with simple white outfits makes them stand out even more. This dress is also a good choice for the hot summer days. I usually like to have very simple outfits in the summer, I just can’t stand layers on these hot summer days and I have to admit: accessories, makeup and maybe an interesting hairstyle is something that would get the outfit out of ordinary. These crochet feet accessories are also really cute, if you are just walking on the beach or in the garden, like me 🙂 For the hairstyle I choose a very simple top fishtail braid, which doesn’t pop as much on my hair, since my hair type is a little frizzy, as much as I try to overcome this issue. It’s blonde, it’s thin, so it gets frizzy really easy 🙁

For the makeup I’ve used a carbon black smokey eyes with my favourite camel eyeshadow from MAC on the crease and nude lips, plus some white signs face paintings which are very popular at the moment, especially at music festivals. My daughter reacted very strangely towards me after having my makeup done! She almost cried when I wanted to hold her, I think she didn’t really like it, or she just couldn’t recognise me! She had the strangest look on her face, like: Who are you? What is this?? Her gloomy face was really adorable!! I’m so sorry I didn’t expect it to happen, to have her caught on camera!

My husband also keeps on laughing about it when I mention that I’m making a music festival inspired look haha! He just doesn’t understand what would that be?! He is like: What? You’re not going to any music festival? And why would someone wear a special outfit for this purpose? I took me so much time to have it explained to him what this whole thing is about and honestly I don’t even get it entirely myself? Why are people wearing specific outfits at music festivals? Why is it such a big deal? Haha. I think I’d wear it going out on just a simple summer day 🙂 Anyways, if you’re thinking of attending to a music festival, which I probably won’t anytime soon, I hope you’ll find this look inspiring, along with this makeup.

I can’t wait to show you my next outfit, a really beautiful handmade, crochet bathing suite. I just hope I’ll be able to make it in time, since my pregnant belly is really starting to show. I wouldn’t mind, it’s just that time of the pregnancy when you’d pass more as fat, rather than pregnant!