The milk bag


Dress – Romwe
Milk bag – Romwe
Belt – Zara
Shoes – Musette
Glasses – ZeroUV
Necklace – Handmade from Navajo Reserve, California


I saw someone wearing the milk bag a few weeks ago on Instagram and I loved it! I was lucky to find it very easy on Romwe. Like most of the times I couldn’t leave my shopping bag so empty so I had to pick up other things as well. The white dress looked perfect for these hot summer days, but in reality it was different. At first I was very disappointed with the difference from the picture, and they didn’t even add a belt, not to mention the fabric. Although not as pretty as in the picture, it’s still ok. The bag is really nice though, but this is definitely a proof that I can’t trust what I get from this site. Since they don’t show an image with the real item it’s hard to say what you’ll get, the prices are at least low enough to take a chance.

My hair was meant to be an overnight hairstyle, I mean really an overnight hairstyle! I don’t know how it happens, but in the morning I get the most beautiful hairstyles, which under no circumstance I can reproduce. Before going to bed, I usually clip it up, in a very unaesthetic way, but it somehow magically transforms during the sleep in the most beautiful way, with volume and everything in place, like a huge, messy but super pretty hairdo! I always wanted to leave it as it is for a shooting, but while taking a shower it gets really frizzy from the steam and I felt I had to stick my fingers in it and add some retouching to some strands. No matter how I hard I tried I couldn’t reproduce the original overnight hairstyle and I was also left with an unwashed and frizzy hair in the end. Since I lost 20 minutes or so trying to get something out of it, I didn’t have time to start all over again. Now do I have to mention my favourite hair clip is missing and I had to use a poor quality, bad looking one? I searched all over the Mall today for something similar but surprisingly I couldn’t find anything. I think this calls for some online shopping!