On Easter Day

Easter Day

This was a very special Easter for me and my family! Our first Easter with baby Rosa! This time of the year also reminded me of the day Juli was born, a sunny day full of dandelion flowers! It’s nearly freezing these days, but we were lucky for a couple of sunny days, to be able to have a proper celebration for Juli, before Easter, in the garden.

This Easter we decided on a 3 day – diet free, so we got the chance to try all specific Easter meals, we love so much. We also had the most delicious chocolate – cheese cake, made by my mother in law, for which I might make a post in the future, since it’s really worth it.

For the Easter church outfit, Juli had a ostrich feather flower headband and Rosa wore a lace bonnet. I also had in mind this vintage stroller for Rosa, since her regular one looks more practical. I never appreciated strollers from their aesthetic point of view, so when Juli was born I only looked for something practical with all the features included. One day we had a walk downtown and I’ve noticed a man pushing a very cute vintage stroller, then I thought, if I ever got to have another baby girl, I would love to have a vintage stroller for her. Unfortunately this stroller is already too little for her and I really hope I will get the chance to use it for her Christening, one month by now. I think it’s so appropriate for a church ceremony!