Once upon a December

Anastasia – Once Upon A December

My beauty, Rosa, was the unexpected gift for this Christmas. I planned to deliver her on 3’rd of January, I thought it could be sometime before New Year’s Eve, but never just before the Christmas. Although, somehow a little adventurous, the night we drove to the city, where I was supposed to have her delivered, I was, in a way, really happy she decided to come, a little earlier. I just couldn’t believe I would have her for Christmas, at home! Radu welcomed us with cookies, candles, carols, flowers and fluffy blankets. I wasn’t entirely prepared for her arrival, since I’ve planned some shopping the following days, for some clothes and her earrings. But I was so happy that some items for her first photo props, which I’ve bought online, arrived just in time. For her first shooting, on Christmas Eve, I choose to make her a pure white cocoon with a delicate white flower head accessory. I still have to purchase some more items for photo props, since babies are so adorable at this very early stage and it’s maybe the only moment as a baby and even as a little toddler, when you’re able to make some decent photos of them, without too much stress. I couldn’t find the time to bother too much with my outfit, I actually remember I had the same dress when Juli was born and on New Year’s Eve, as well!

So happy to spend my life with you, Radu, Juli & Rosa! Love you babes! <3