Watching the sunset on my birthday evening on Danube River – Part I


I’ve made the plans for my birthday some time before the day, but the evening before, we found that the place I choose, somewhere at the mountains in Romania, was still a cold place in April..with snowy picks, so we didn’t think it will be the best place to enjoy the spring. We had to find some other place. So late at night we searched and searched for the right place. The paintings from the walls, I bought some weeks before, reminded me of something…
The Danube river

Next day we had to pack the things, that we didn’t have the time, a day before. We were a little late, we drove almost all day, traveling to Danube River. We searched for the right place to have a picnic, and just before the sunset we found it! It was getting colder and colder, and I have to admit if it wasn’t for the sake of my day, we would have ended eating in the car. But I took on my cozy hooder and continued the picnic! Not so much in the mood for photos…but what is it I wouldn’t do for you girls?! So here starts my supposed last adventure … I guess, somewhere at Danube river and not only. To be continued in the next posts!

I wear:
a gipsy print skirt

I was supposed to wear some gipsy style jewellery, but I was in a hurry so I forgot to put them on hehe!

We had, homemade by me, tofu with mushrooms paste, nettles and wild garlic paste, fresh veggies and fruits. And the cake: almond batter with cheese cream, raspberries layer and vanilla pudding, a yummy combination, I accidentally saw it somewhere. I loved it, and I tried to reproduce it from the memory. The cheese layer came out too high, the rest was perfect! And hopefully I’ll have the time to add all the recipes in the next posts!