First day at the beach – Gialos, Lefkada


Hey, dears! I’ve just arrived from a relaxing holiday in Greece. It’s the third time I’m traveling to this country and I’m always surprised by the variety of landscape. No adventure this time, guys, just relaxing all day at the astonishing beaches, swimming in the warm seas, watching the broccoli looking trees upside down from my blanket, hearing the waves and cicadas, smelling the sea and the pines and chatting with my baby – these are my memories from Lefkada. It’s not the type of beaches with lush vegetation, like the tropical ones, but still beautiful and the water is so warm that the only thing that can get you out from the water are the waves, these can get really really big and bothering some days, especially during summer months, but we were lucky to take part at both calm seas and really huge waves, an impressive spectacle we watched one day – the entire day! The west of the island comes with the most outstanding beaches and views, but also with the big waves, opposite to the east side, where you’ll find more like a lake-looking beaches but with calmer sea, just like in Corfu. I’ve heard a lot of things about Lefkada before going and I’ve seen lots of pictures so I was convinced I’ll like it, but I didn’t know it will be so relaxing, so close to nature. Most of the beaches can get crowded during the summer, but they are so big, that you can easily escape the crowds. Moreover some beaches are naturally separated by huge rocks, so if you bypass them you get to the nudist side of the beaches, where you can swim natural, it’s so pleasant and so free. I’ve noticed that nudism is very popular on this island, especially some old Greeks that come here to meditate, swim and relax all day long. At this time of the year(end of September) you’ll probably be alone on most of these beaches, but people are not so conscientious about this thing anyway, so you can choose the way you bathe anywhere on the beach.

Usually when we travel in Greece, we choose rooms with balcony and nice views, because we like to spend our mornings and evenings there having our meals. This time we received the room with the best view, because the hotel was empty and the owner was nice! Usually when I opened my eyes in the morning, right before the sun came pass the mountains, the sky used to be full of clouds that would quickly disappear by the time we had the breakfast. Before going, I’ve made some really delicious whole grain biscuits with all types of nuts, spices and dried fruits, that can be preserved for a long time, to serve for the breakfast. Soon I’ll post this recipe on my blog.. because it’s so easy to make, it’s delicious and healthy, just how I like the food to be haha.

We used to have the biscuits with a local honey purchased from the owner of the hotel(Margelis) and sometimes with goat milk – a little bit hard to find this time of the year, but Margelis found a way to surprise us one evening when we came from the beach, he greeted us with a bottle of freshly milked goat milk(it was still warm!) – we were so happy, because we love it so much! I can’t tell you how kind this guy was to us, helping us with different questions, giving us the best room and pomegranates and tomatoes from his garden as a gift! We also purchased honey from him, because it was the best we tried on the island and he also has very good olive oil for sale at the best price! His hotel is very well positioned because it’s very close to the most beautiful beaches, but you have to travel by car or rent one to stay here, because even if it’s close to the beaches, this hotel is not positioned on the beach, it’s in the mountains area. The rooms have very good prices so I highly recommend his hotel – for reservations you can contact him on

So where were the breakfast..


Heading to the beaches you’ll be surprised by the beautiful viewpoints with the turquoise shades of the sea


So many beaches to choose from..this post is dedicated to Gialos beach – a very nice and remote beach where we spent the entire day swimming, sunbathing and walking till the sunset.












I choose to wear a long dress with cherries(no name) with a crochet cardigan(Stradivarius), both very pleasantly feeling for the beach. I carried my things in a bag like a basket made with straws and flower print fabric(Bata) and a cute hat with a bow(Stradivarius)
















And after the sunset, we spent the chilly evenings covered with blankets on the balcony or if we were really tired we would lay in bed with the widely opened windows watching the moon pass over the mountains and lighting our room!