Julieta’s first Christmas


Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

I didn’t have time to prepare any outfit for this Christmas, because I didn’t even get the chance to look for clothes in stores and I even missed buying presents for some of my loved ones, but I guess it’s understood. Before leaving the town I did have one single day to clean the house, quickly grab some cloths from the closet as well as some food from the fridge and get on road. I did stop on the way to shop some presents for Juli: the big polar bear(that had a dress and a bow, which I got rid of) and a water glob. I thought she would love to play with the polar bear and the water globe will be a neat present to remember from her first Christmas over the years. But she didn’t even look at the bear, instead the globe which also has a Christmas song, is already a favourite toy! Although the bear was not the best toy for her, I think it looked awesome for photo shooting! I actually posed with two bears, well.. in fact it was one polar and a snowed reindeer 🙂 I choose an all white outfit and Juli was also dressed in white with a pink cape. As for my presents, I think I’m the owner of the most gorgeous vintage ring(photo will follow), a fine vintage silver net looking necklace, plus a pair of much-needed basic&comfortable black boots and headsets.