My look in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

This is my look from Jardin du Luxembourg: a romantic pleated dress from Asos and a vintage, beaded, needlepoint bag.

We somehow discovered Jardin du Luxembourg accidentally, it was on our path from our airbnb to Viva Technology, where we’ve attended.

I’m usually hesitating about my shooting places when it comes to Paris, since there’re so many to choose from and Jardin du Luxembourg came as a surprise. Despite the amazing palace, I actually loved the landscaping even more, since it’s filled with my favourite trees, that I wish I could plant in my own garden: palm trees, olive and citrus trees. I already risked planting 2 palm trees in my garden and I think I’ll try planting citrus, this year as well but it’s too risky with the olive trees. I might consider a little greenhouse to protect them from the harsh winters. I found some interesting ideas while browsing for this today and I think this greenhouse might even work as a lounging room if I made it a little bigger. It would be like a tiny green botanical garden in the middle of the cold season. Isn’t it amazing?

Aside from this, before going to Viva Technology, we had breakfast at Cafe de Flore, this is one of those popular old cafes in Paris you wouldn’t want to miss. I might be a little subjective since cafes are my favourite places to dine, probably because I would not even mind living on coffee.

At Viva Technology I had the chance to try the Luois Vuitton led bag, which stood side by side with my vintage bag, which by the way I wouldn’t exchanged it for..

In the evening we had a delicious dinner eating pizza and seafood pasta at Mamma Mia restaurant.

So What are your favourite places in Paris and where do you guys enjoy dining? I’d love to know!