TABACON, Costa Rica

After an 8 hour flight from San Francisco, we arrived in Costa Rica. I also have in plan to tell you guys, about my trip to San Francisco, but in another post. I decided to start with this one, since this place was one of the most amazing I’ve ever been to.

Some people asked me why we choose to visit Costa Rica. Well, since we had to travel to San Francisco for work, it was a chance for us to visit an exotic country “closer” to San Francisco. Of course, the first thought would be Hawaii or Mexico, or any other country from the Caribbean, but since we visited Hawaii already some time ago, we decided on Caribbean part. There are many wonderful  countries in Central America, but, when traveling, you also have to consider the weather. September to October, is, unfortunately the worst period to visit Central America, since it’s the hurricane period, with few exceptions, one being the Eastern Caribbean part of Costa Rica. I can’t tell you why this part of the Costa Rica is exactly opposite to the rest of the Caribbean, in terms of weather, meaning in September is actually the dry season there, but I was happy to find this. So apparently so many options, it was not the case. I don’t regret choosing Costa Rica, although it’s definitely a very popular country, especially for American travellers, and we prefer secluded places, the tourists prefer for some reason(I don’t understand why, because I find the east part more beautiful) the west coast of Costa Rica. 

This country has lots to offer for travellers, and it’s also the safest in Central America. But if you want to be safe, you need to act safe, which we didn’t, and we had a very unpleasant incident, which I’ll tell you, guys, more in another post.

We rented a car from San Jose, with Payless. Car rental is pretty expensive in Costa Rica, and we found Payless the best choice, they were also very helpful with our incident in Costa Rica. So I highly recommend them.

Pretty close to the capital San Jose, like 100km(but it will take you 3 to 4 hours to get there, since there are low speed limits and there are little places where you’re allowed to bypass other cars), is the Arenal Volcano, near La Fortuna. We wanted to visit this place, more for the thermals in the area. There are many thermals to choose from in La Fortuna, but the most beautiful one is definitely Tabacon.  

This is one of the most beautiful resorts I’ve ever seen, and the only one I’ve ever been too as well. Tabacon is a Resort with Thermal pools and waterfalls. It is all built like you are literally in a jungle, actually partially built, since a part of it, is really a natural jungle, it’s just that they made it even more appealing with many exotic plants and waterfalls all around . You also have a wonderful view of Arenal Volcano, from where this thermal water is emerging. The room had a relaxing view to the jungle and we even spotted a cute animal passing near our window. Although we were really tired, we had to take advantage from this day as well. I started choosing my dress for the evening. I really loved both of these jungle pattern dresses, but I choose the second one, since it had so much fabric in it and I thought it would be great for m photos. 

You can watch the vlog post in Tabacon Costa Rica on my youtube

We planned a shooting for this evening, but it was really late when we were ready to leave the room, so we only had time for a couple of pictures.
I was really amazed by everything around. Everything looked divine!
We changed in bathing suites and started to explore the place. We got in several thermal pools, each of them had different temperatures. For the evening we preferred some hotter pools, from Shangrli-La Gardens, a private area, reserved for Tabacon guests only.
It was so amazing, and the sky was wonderful as well. I couldn’t stop staring at the sky! So beautiful! Shapes of palms over a a clear sky with a glowy full moon and stars.  

I love this picture a lot, since it looks like I’m bathing in a river, in the jungle, during the night, so unusual …and a crocodile is ready to have a bite :)) just kidding

We started the second day with an absolutely delicious breakfast. Plenty of meals to choose from. We had an omelette with several ingredients at our choice. 
We planned to see the entire resort by daylight and a shooting as well, before checking out. 
Obviously everything looked even more amazing during the day and we were already making plans to stay one more day.
Amazing multi-cascading waterfalls all around.
It was still early and we had the resort almost entirely for us!
There were several paths leading to secluded places for privacy.
Can you imagine a place with several warm water  waterfalls, exotic plants, iguanas and butterflies all around?
You can even treat yourself with a Spa, we thought about it as well, but we were too curious about sightseeing this magical place.
Here we entered in Shangri-LA Gardens, where we spent our last evening as well.
Shangri-La was really amazing, with so many private relaxing areas.
We spent some time here before checking out.
On a clear day, like this, you could see the Arenal Volcano, from where the thermal water is emerging.
Lovely brunches texture for my photos 🙂
After checking out, we still had access to the pools. So we took advantage and we bathed until the evening. 
This was our favourite pool, with perfect water temperature and such a lovely view!
This was another wonderful place with multi-cascading waterfalls!
I spotted this wonderful place for some photos!
Arenal Volcano and some of the pools from the beginning of the Resort.
This was truly a magical place, but popular as well. The Resort started filling up with tourists, but I still managed to get this photo with just nature in the background.
This was a huge iguana, actually there were lots of them, you just need an eye to spot them!
We got back to this pool, since we could swim here as well.
A pool with colourful fishes.
Even though this place was a dream, we decided we had enough of soaking, and to be honest there were so many places in Costa Rica, which we couldn’t wait to explore.
The trip to Limon part of Costa Rica, was really tough, with heavy rain, it actually started in the evening, while we were still in the pool, and it continued for hours while we were still driving in the mountains to the east.