A night under the stars and moonlight

After the picnic we started searching for a camping place. It was getting darker and darker, and because of the rocky landscape, there weren’t many places to choose from. We spotted an unpromising unpaved road, but before I could express my opinion, Radu had turned right already. After crowding with the car through some bended twigs of the shrubs on both sides of the road, this eventually lead us to the magic place, that would be our home, for 3 nights. After choosing the place near some blooming trees, we made the tent, prepared the dinner and laid our mattresses and sleeping bags on the grass. So we continued chatting till late at night, under moonlight. It was almost full moon, and the light was comparable to a medium street light glow. We tried the homemade by Radu electrical animal defense device and noticed it wasn’t functioning. At 11 o’clock night animals started becoming active. Just near our tent, in the blooming tree a bird started singing and it lasted almost all night long. It’s song was amazing, but it was so close to us that it was too loud, making it difficult to fall asleep. We recorded it’s beautiful song and I considered it appropriate for my movie slide showing pictures of all nights from this trip, spent under the moonlight, along with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

But besides the birds, there were other animals curious of us – the intruders. The boars grunted discontented of our presence, it seems like we stood in their way to the creek, near the forest. First night it got me so scared, their grunting was so loud and pushy, that made me think they are ready to attack. I ran in the car and insisted sleeping in there, but Radu assured me they have no intention to harm us. He was right, we noticed their behavior during these days, and every time in the early mornings and late evenings(at almost exactly 11 o’clock) they would come to the water. We even made it easier for them the next days, going to sleep before 11 o’clock so they could come undisturbed to the place they used to drink water. The next day adventure to be continued in the next post…Cazanele Mari