Royal blue velvet dress at Cantacuzino Palace

Royal blue velvet dress at Cantacuzino Palace


Dress – Nifty
Earrings – Bellisima Gold

Frank Sinatra – Strangers in The Night


We celebrated my birthday in Busteni, at Cantacuzino Palace – a magical place in the Romanian Carpathians. I would have loved to have a sunny day and to have more time to spend it wandering in Palace’s amazing garden, even more! But instead it was a chilly, still beautiful evening with a breathtaking view of Caraiman Peak in the background, for which we couldn’t resist having the dinner outside, on the balcony. And I could say this would be the only reason one should get there. Food was incredibly bad and expensive. I only ate it because I was very hungry! What was even more annoying was that they wouldn’t let me finish my shooting, stating it was a professional shooting or that I have a professional camera and one should pay a 130 EUR tax for that haha!! How ridiculous is that?! I wonder how did they figure out how professional my camera is? Since you can’t tell for sure, unless you have a closer look at the model. The waiters gave us some blankets and we set on a table close to the balcony’s railing. It started raining after a while and we had to move to a table under the sunshade. It was just a few minutes before the sunset and even though it was mostly cloudy, the mountain view was really beautiful. We were exhausted and hungry after walking and hiking an entire day. This was the second part of this day, which I preferred to have it posted on my blog for this outfit, but we actually had a full and tiring day, hiking with Juli on one of the surrounding peaks in Magura, earlier that day. I didn’t think we would get to do so much in one day and we didn’t even have a strict plan, but when we woke up the weather was perfect for hiking. Julieta was getting ready for her first sleep of the day but we missed this kind of activity and, as we knew the weather will be changing the next day, we thought we should give it a try and have her sleep on the go, this was our last chance to hike during this trip. On return we were left with just an hour or so but so many things to be done: shower, makeup and a trip to Busteni. Eventually we arrived to the Palace, too late to visit the interior but on time for our dinner.

We had a very pleasant walk in Busteni, after the dinner at Cantacuzino. We have some beautiful memories in this little mountain town. Two years ago we visited Busteni as well, we then choose Vila Leonida which is situated on the same mountain side like Cantacuzino Palace. But opposed to Cantacuzino Palace, I would really recommend Vila Leonida for the services, food and everything else!

I wore this beautiful royal blue velvet dress from a local store Nifty at a vey low price. I often purchase clothes from there, some are really cool but others have a very bad fabric and they look so worn out after only one wash. This one has some odd and thick stitches but I really love blue velvet and besides from the issues mentioned, it looks so pretty. I’ve made my travel baggages in a hurry, as always, so I didn’t have time to search for a golden belt for this dress, instead I’ve used a long golden necklace. I often use these flash tattoos instead of jewellery and this time I’ve added many layers of it. I didn’t feel there was place for other jewelleries on me, but I received these gorgeous gold chandelier earrings as a present from my husband and I just loved to wear them as well, even if it looked too much. These chandelier earrings are not even fashionable anymore for a long time now but there are some items which I still like to wear even if they are out. Besides that, I think they are the most precious piece of jewellery I’ve ever worn!

For my makeup I’ve made my eyes smokey blue(I’ve used MAC’s Blue Storm pigment) combined with brown eyeshadow in the crease. On my lips I’ve used a nude lipstick from Farmasi, which I transformed it into a matte one, using face powder on top. This makeup took me a bit of a time, but I think it looked really cool.

My next post will be about our hiking experience in one of Magura’s peaks. Until then I will leave you with a few of the pictures from this lovely evening! Kiss!