Love for two


Elvis Presley – It’s now or never (1960)

Skirt – Zara
Shirt – Oasap
Blazer – Stradivarius
Over-the-knee boots – Charlotte Russe
Bag – Musette
Necklace – Jane Stone


1.Foundation – CC Cream Amore Pacific, 104 Tan Blush(find it in Sephora stores in US)
2. Concealer – MAC Pro Longwear, NW 15 applied with Beauty Blender
3. Primed & poreless priming powder
4. and 5. Eyebrow conturing powder HIGH BROWN – I used it for conturing the nose and face. Being low colour saturated it’s good for this purpose.
6. DIPBROW POMADE in TAUPE from Anastasia Beverly Hills applied with an angled brush. SEPHORA COLLECTION Long-Lasting 12HR Wear Eye Liner in Dark brown, used for eyebrow texturing. And finishing with a hair gel applied with a brow brush.
7. SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Eyeshadow in Roasted Chestnut applied allover the upper lid.
8. Urban Decay – Naked2, Chopper shade applied on the inner half of the crease.
9. Eyelashes – Ardell 113 glued with Ardell adhesive
10. Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner 24/7 in Black
11. Mascara Coloured from Avon
12. Eyeshadow on lid – Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow, Cosmic
applied under the eyebrow and on the inner corner of the lid.
13. Avon – lip liner, nude shade for lips.

I had no idea what to wear for Valentine’s Day. I was a little disappointed because I thought I won’t find anything easy since I haven’t made any specific plans. As usual I’ve opened the fully stuffed closet with clothes and I began to slide the hangers, when I stumbled upon this hearts shirt. What a surprise! So cute and perfect for Valentine’s! Although I have it from last year, I didn’t get the chance to wear it for any of my shootings. Then I began to work around it, my entire outfit. My new velvet, burgundy blazer, that I’ve just purchased from Stradivarius worked like a charm. I really love velvet, I think it looks so classy and royal of course.
Since the shirt was already the item that would catch the attention I couldn’t add, or at least it’s usually not advisable to have multiple items of focus. I still found this look a little to simple for an event, so I searched through my collection of jewellery and there it was this amazing ruby stone necklace from Jade Collection. Since it was from the same colour palette as the shirt, I’d say it wasn’t too much. It was that something to make the outfit standout, looking more elegant and less average, something that would work for a night out as well.
For the eye makeup I’ve choosen brown tones, since I think it works so good with burgundy cloths. I’ve also added a little touch of cooper, with the chopper shade(which is actually a cooper shade) from the Naked2 palette from Urban Decay, which is a very good basic palette for every day use, by the way. The lips were simply matte, nude lipstick because I wanted the eyes to stand out more.
For the hair I used this type of style with 2 braides, that I’ve made for one of my previous posts. But this time I’ve made a a single Dutch braid secured in a ponytail. I’ve also teased it to make it look messier.
I think every couple has a Valentine’s Day story, even if only staying in bed all day long, doing nothing but having endless conversations with your loved one(which I adore by the way). Ours started with an amazing chocolate cake for breakfast. I’ve prepared our favourite chocolate cake 2 days before(don’t ask me why?!) and we had left exactly 2 slices for the actual Valentine’s Day haha, since we ate almost only chocolate cake 2 days in a row! It is a cake I’ve “invented”, to say so, because I’m a big fan of chocolate, and none of the recipes I’ve tried managed to be as I always dreamed of(“dreamed of”, is really the correct term, since I’m hypnotised by anything good with chocolate). So I decided to put together everything that I would love to taste in a chocolate cake, and there it was, my all times favourite chocolate cake. I’ve never tried anything like it before. I’ll definitely have to make it again these days and share it with you.
Later, we had a great appetite for pizza, so we choose a restaurant Core e Napoli, that we’ve never tried before, that looked very pretty when we used to pass near by. I can’t say I’m usually a big fan of pizza, but if I sometimes have an appetite for it, I choose one that is more Italian style, with very thin dough, not fatty and maybe less ingredients. The pizzas from Core e Napoli are very interesting, because you have the impression that the dough is thick, having the sides raised, but it’s actually the thinnest pizza I’ve ever tried! I really loved it, so did Radu and even Julieta! But considering the ingredients, my favourite pizza is actually from Segafredo, the one with parmesan and arugula, so simple, so light and so good. And if I talk about pizzas anyway, then I have to say that my least favourite pizzas are the ones from Pizza Hut, those are very American style pizzas which are very fatty. I really have to be very hungry to enjoy such a pizza haha.
I received a beautiful bouquet of burgundy roses from my love, that matched my outfit very well. The heart dog, is something that I cherish a lot, it’s a the present from him, that dates 15 years ago, from our first Valentine’s Day together <3